I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a sardonic loveletter to the halcyon days of early American videogaming, packaged as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. Players fill the role of The Kid, a youthful, vaguely Megaman-esque protagonist on a quest to become The Guy. This inscrutable plot, however, is just a vehicle for a wide variety of inventive, well-designed and frustrating jump-and-shoot challenges that pay homage to many of the games you loved as a child. The ever-fragile Kid explodes in a shower of red pixels at the slightest brush from the game's many obstacles, from traditional spikes and bottomless pits to more unconventional killers, such as plantlife and puzzle pieces.

Using a multiroute layout not unlike a Metroidvania, the game grants a degree of deadly exploration, without those extraneous upgades meant to make life easier. The game provides players with a choice in terms of their deathrate, thanks to a variable difficulty setting that changes the number of save points from frequent to nonexistent. IWBTG is open to all players; knowledge of videogaming history is optional, and may not help against the frequently ironic and always sadistic deathtraps located herein. And so, the question is left up to you...

Do YOU have what it takes to be The Guy?
-- As Written by Forum Member Finale

xx More up to date Source-code
July 22, 2013, 07:33:39 pm by Kayin
I've been told by a bunch of people that the IWBTG source is not up to date. So I was going through an old harddrive today and I might have come across the modern files.


I'm not sure which is which (since I can't open them) but ONE of these should be the most recent version.
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xx No More Forum Ads
April 05, 2013, 05:03:19 pm by Kayin
Google is hassling me because ya'll a bunch of greasy perverts (I'm so proud) and honestly the forums generate me like 2 dollars a month (which is like, nothing compared to the main site ads) and honestly they're ugly and I kinda hate ads anyways even though I need them. But heck, why punish my most adoring fans for 2 dollars?

If any of you feel at all guilty (you shouldn't) you can toss me a buck or two on the donation tab and I'll totally buy like, a soda or a burger or something with it or something.

I can't wait till I release Brave Earth and you guys buy something from me and I'm not tricking people to click ads or something.
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xx Drive Failure and Incoming Downtime
November 12, 2012, 10:07:55 pm by Kayin
So some nutso drive problems are going on with the pyoko server so there IS going to be some downtime. I'm currently backing stuff up, so if things fail, they will be backed up from this point. So any comments made from this point on have no certainty of appearing after all this is dealt with. Hopefully I won't lose anything meaningful during all this. Either way: Expect downtime. Possibly a lot.

edit: Alright we're alive again. Should be fine. There might be downtime somewhere down the road when the secondary bad disk gets replaced, but that'll happen whenever it happens and hopefully should make for shorter downtime.
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xx Gaiden Patch 1.2 Beta
July 26, 2012, 04:22:21 am by Kayin
This will be the last one for awhile, unless I feel the need to clean up a few things.

What's New/Fixed:
*Hitsparks added to failed grapples, telling you why it failed.
*Grapple a little bit more lenient in certain situations.
*Grapple may occasionally still reject improperly in some edgecases, but shouldn't be an issue.
*Down terminates grapples without a jump. Useful occasionally, like that one part of 1-2.
*Drone segment in 1-1 made slightly easier. Always at least a 3 pixel shot that can hit the drone thrower.
*Map screen sending you to wrong level should be fixed.
*F2 ends a level and resets your time/deaths for speedrunning. Was in previous version but unannounced.
*F1 can bring you to or exit the key config screen on the save select screen. Good if you fuck up your keys.
*DEL on the save select screen deletes saves.
*Shoot+Jump+Claw also skips the end of act cutscene.
*Barrels can be used to kill enemies. Not particularly useful, but can work.
*Tons of little network things added for an improved online experience. Should be able to have weirder and more interesting events.
*Particles on the Charge Shot always go to the Kid
*You can "megaman jump" through Bald Bull's boss door.
*But you can't get Bald Bull out of bounds anymore by jumping back through the door

What's not fixed
*Bald Bull/Mr Sandman Glitches (Should eventually be fixed)
*Going behind Sagat(I think I'll leave this)
*Some grapple situations. Though if it rejects, it's because it was a bad shot that just barely grazed a valid surface.
*Probably tons of little things that aren't terribly important
*Some controllers still don't work. I think the input system totally rejects analog controls. In such situations, use Joy2Key.
*Some crashes. Depending on how common they are, I might make work arounds but none of them should make you lose progress.


Just press download game to download the new version. This again will be the last version in awhile, so I encourage you all to upgrade one more time.
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July 14, 2012, 09:26:42 pm by Kayin


If the game is crashing on the title screen PLEASE RESTART and then report if that helps.

if the game is crashing while restarting, lower your graphical details. It'll reduce the blood splatter.

If you can't save, try and put your EXE in a different directory or run as Adminstrator to make sure it has write permissions.

Yes, Ironman is bugged. All gamejolters will have the challenge removed during the next release, though if you achieve it now, you should re-achieve it automatically.

Thanks for all the Excellent® feedback. Expect a patch to handle a bunch of this stuff in the coming days.


Here we go! I Wnna Be the Guy: Gaiden is ready for public consumption. Things might be a bit buggy at first, but a few revisions later and things should be all smoothed out. I'm sure you'll all live though. The bugginess is sometimes part of the charm for the IWBTG experience, right?

So what is Gaiden? Gaiden is an episodic side story following The Lad in his search for The Kid/Guy. Why does The Lad seek The Kid? Who cares -- it's a 3 stage episodic bite of new IWBTG action.  What about the future of Gaiden? Hard to say. Brave Earth is going to steal my attention until it's done, so don't expect more any time soon, but I surely will add more content at some point. How big will that content be? How many episodes will their be? Who cares, I'm playing it by ear.

So what's working, what's not working and whatever?

We have...

*New stage based gameplay
*3 Stages
*Configurable Controls with Gamepad support
*Trophies (also supported through Gamejolt)
*Time Trial Leaderboards(Only through Gamejolt)
*A new button! Z to jump, X to shoot and X to BIIIONIC AAAARM
*Probably won't crash!

What isn't done?

*No fullscreen or resolution support.
*Probably needs a lot of optimization
*Probably has lots of bugs
*People wanna be able to fuck with people like I fucked with Floe. I might be able to come up with a way to do that in the future.
*Graphical options are basic. Sound options seem to be a little flighty.
*Some interface/menu stuff is kinda groudy and needs modification.
*Might still crash! (but unlike with MMF2, there is more I can do about it this time around.)

So if you have any problems, bare with me.


Also I'd recommend getting a Gamejolt account so you can share your trophies and times with other players! Sign-in is inside the trophy menu.
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